I was recently asked to present how to open/close a CD tray programatically using C#. The Media Control Interface (MCI) is the way to go. According to MSDN, the Media Control Interface (MCI) provides standard commands for playing multimedia devices and recording multimedia resource files. These commands are a generic interface to nearly every kind […]

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Recently, I was installing/uninstalling too many programs on my machine that amazingly broke the Live Update feature of my Symantec Antivirus product. Here’s the error message I’ve received:

LU1805: LiveUpdate was unable to find any products to Update…

I just searched for the LU1805 on the net, and I found this article describing how […]

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Hi folks,
To open-up a given custom file extension (.wow for instance) using a given application (say wowViewer.exe) , you need to alter the registry entries (Please make sure that you’ve got a backup before editing the registry) as follows:

Add a new registry key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.wow Set the default value of the above […]

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It’s so amazing that most of those developers out there have got no idea how to create a virtual path on their machines. If you are in the same bot, read on.

There are some circumstances that you need to access a given long path (e.g., “C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData”) frequently and therefore you’ve to […]

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I just encountered an amazing stuff while reading the Ryan Russell and Stace Cunningham’s Hack proofing your network. On page 146, he gives an introduction to cryptography and how it was first used in Egypt 4000 years ago! Then he brings up the ROT13 subject and shows how the algorithm works, simply by rotating […]

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There are two ways to copy an object: Shallow and Deep.

A shallow copy of an object copies all the member variables bit by bit if the member field is a value type. For reference types, the reference is copied but the referred object is not. This means that both the original objects and its […]

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The Object class of the .NET framework has got a virtual method, say, GetHashCode that other classes could override to provide a custom implementation. This function is suitable for use in hashing algorithms like a hash table. The return value [of the default implementation] is and has never been meant to be used as a […]

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On the embargo list

On June 5, 2007 By

Recently, I was going to translate an amazing book of Mitch Tulloch (the author of Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking) into Persian. He told me that the permission of the localization of the book belongs to the publisher, hence, the Microsoft Press. I contacted three other persons in MS Press and finally…

Since I reside […]

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The launch event!

On June 3, 2007 By

I finally launched my web log that is supposed to host my daily work issues from time to time. I’m a software architect that experienced many technologies along my career including but not limited to C, C++, ADO, XML, DHTML, JScript, ASP, COM, DCOM, T-SQL, MFC, ATL, STL, TAPI, ISAPI, Win32, C# and […]

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