As the title implies, today’s post is dedicated to developing a custom ASP.NET server control that lets the user pick up a given color from a predefined color set. Please note that I’m not going to mimic Adobe Photoshop’s color picker, since it’s what jPicker and colorPicker do.

I just wanted a simple, […]

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Hi folks,
The idea of this post came into my mind when I was navigating the web to find some images for coloring (albeit for my 28 month old son, not myself!) This is not meant however to be an all-in-one tutorial for HTML 5. If you need to learn what HTML5 offers, please […]

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Hello folks,
Well, I was just wondering how to start this post and how to write words worth a thousand pictures. However, I believe giving a jQuery plugin a live try, worthes a thousands words. So, hover below and give Vertical Tabs a try.

If it suits your needs, read on.

#vtab { […]

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Mehdi Returns!

On February 1, 2010 By

Well, as you have noticed, the new site is up and running. In my previous post, I was hoping to design my blog from scratch but I soon realized that I need to learn the nuts and bolts of Google Blogger soon or later. So I decided to understand the subtle nuances of […]

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SQL Server Savepoints

On January 6, 2009 By

There are some conditions when you need to rollback an implicit or explicit transaction to a given point inside the transaction. There are two ways to address such a need:

1. You can use the T-SQL to address such a problem:

2. Use the SqlTransaction’s Save method within your code. Please note that this method […]

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Empty Fields

On May 3, 2008 By

Hi folks,
There are some cases when you need to pass an empty EventArgs to an event handler. I’ve been seeing the following code (which makes me really sick) lately over and over again:

Take a look at MSDN and you’ll see there’s a static read only field named Empty in the EventArgs class […]

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Hi folks,
I’ve been recently asked to explain how to suppress the flicker issue in C#’s ListView. As far as you know if you try to modify the list contents, the background of the control will be redrawn – which is the source of the flickering problem.

To stop this, you need to subclass […]

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For those who are not familiar with MFC, the CWaitCursor class provides a way to show a wait cursor, which is usually displayed as an hourglass, while you’re doing a lengthy operation. There are plenty of ways to modify the pointing device’s cursor under C#, however, the one I’m going to bring up […]

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Hi folks,
I’ve just read an article written in Farsi (the link is unfortunately broken) about an interesting bug in Microsoft’s Notepad. Here’s the story:

Open Notepad. Type AAAA BBB CCC DDDDD (or any other 4-3-3-5 alphanumeric combination). Save the document and close the notepad. Open the saved file.

Amazingly, the resulting text has […]

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